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Artisans of Splendent Vale

Artisans of Splendent Vale

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Discover the Mystical Splendent Vale: A Board Game Adventure

Long ago, a brilliant streak of crimson descended from the heavens, sculpting a breathtaking valley in the earth's embrace. The touch of its radiant light transformed the foliage into a lush wilderness, while the wildlife grew more formidable and majestic. Life flourished in this enchanted vale. People from distant lands, representing diverse cultures, were irresistibly drawn to the enigma of the crimson star and the lush realm it birthed. They settled here, initially keeping their distance.

The soil proved fertile, perfect for bountiful crops, while the rocky terrain harbored precious mineral deposits, waiting to be unearthed. The very land seemed eager to be molded to their will. On warm summer nights, the velvety sky adorned itself with the scarlet brilliance of meteor showers. To the settlers' astonishment, these cosmic lights accelerated their crafting endeavors, yielding superior results. Soon, a spirit of collaboration blossomed, as they shared their creations and knowledge.

Beneath the canopy of an evening meteor shower, they forged a united community, founding a township that cherished wisdom and craftsmanship. This township came to be known as Splendence, named after the valley that united them all. In the ensuing centuries, a mysterious red substance, christened "material" by the inhabitants, would appear following meteor showers. Artisans mastered the art of crafting with this mystical substance, infusing their creations with magical properties. These creations, known as Artifice, ushered Splendence into an industrial revolution.

Welcome to "The Artisans of Splendent Vale," an immersive cooperative adventure board game set in this magical and one-of-a-kind realm. As part of a troupe of skilled artisans, you will embark on a captivating journey through the enchanting landscapes of the Splendent Vale while honing your unique crafts. Confront challenges in tactical action scenes unfolding on specially designed grid maps, and delve into individual interludes to craft your personal story, distinct from the collective tale.

Success in this game hinges on teamwork and strategic acumen during these encounters. Join us in the Splendent Vale, where creativity knows no bounds, and every move can shape your destiny.


- Elk karakter heeft zijn eigen boek!
- 70 pagina's aan avonturenkaarten en een groot "sandbox" avontuur

Wat zit er in de doos?

- Action Scene Book
- Card Index Box
- 2 Terrain Tokens
- Adventure Log & World Map
- Component Box
- Initiative Tracker
- 4 Character Books
- 5 Damage Dials & Plastic Grommets
- 64 Meeples
- 4 character boxes
- Pencils
- The rules

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Aantal spelers: 2 tot 4 spelers
Spelduur: ±120 minuten
Coöperatief en Strategisch

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